Trim Size Chooser

Abstract: Our initial launch of the Title Setup redesign included a drop-down selection for the Trim Size, or final cut size of your book. This presented several user challenges. They didn't have an idea of what their options were or what they should choose. It's difficult to get a real-world feel for the size of a book by looking at the dimensions. As many of the selections would affect their distribution options, users would also see warning messages as soon as they finally made a decision.

To address these:

A 6" x 9" trim size is the default. By far the most used trim size and also the one ideal for manufacturing. We included info that we recommend this size. No choice necessary.
Their selection options are now lightboxed so they have visual cues for selecting an alternative.
Their options are presented in pages. This intentional (minor) friction places options that affect their distribution choices later at a further reach.
They receive helpful feedback on their choice if it will affect what they can do with their book.