Interior Reviewer

Abstract: Formatting a PDF book block is difficult for the average author who doesn’t have a background in desktop publishing. We have a specific set of PDF specifications their file must meet to be printed. Once they upload their PDF, the current process causes them to wait 48 hours before they receive feedback on their technical print details. The majority of files which do not meet specification are rejected for trim size mismatches. Reformatting their PDFs and then repeating this process multiple times can mean that it may be months before a user’s book goes to market.

This new tool runs automated print checks at the time the file is uploaded and presents any issues it finds in an interactive flash version of their book. Within the tool, they have features that let them auto-fix trim size mismatches.

Allows upload of a Word doc, rtf, or PDF
An immersive virtual version of the user's book
Technical feedback on your files at the time of upload
Highlights issues visually right in your virtual book so it’s easy to update them in your file.
Tools to auto-fix trim size mismatches and download the revised version